Are you experiencing foundation repair problems in Mesquite?


Cracked slab, cracked bricks, damaged chimney, wall separation or bouncy floors?

Foundation Repair Pros is happy to announce that we have become the lowest cost provider and #1 in customer satisfaction for the Mesquite area. We specialize in unique, patented technologies for repair of cracked slabs and failing pier and beam homes. Our hard earned reputation has resulted in our company being recognized as the foundation repair industry leader in Mesquite, Dallas and surrounding areas.

Our highly skilled technicians will restore the structural integrity of your home, restore the value of your home and finally, restore your peace of mind. One of the cornerstones of our service is that our work includes a lifetime transferrable warranty, as a courtesy to all of our clients.

Causes and Symptoms of Foundations Problems – Mesquite

Foundation repair in Mesquite and DFW area are well known problems. Local news stories periodically discuss the primary issue which is our active clay soil layer. When the soil is exposed to extended periods of dry and wet cycles, it shrinks and swells like a sponge. If not corrected, this soil movement can result in vertical and horizontal movement of a part of your home, which then can cause cracks to appear. These cracks will typically be visible at high stress points like the floors, around windows and doors, chimneys, interior sheetrock or exterior brick walls and of course, the  foundation itself.

Slab Foundation Repair

slab foundation levelingSlab cracks can result from settling (most common) or sometimes heave. The exact cause will be evaluated by our expert team and several unique technology options will be developed and customized to your specific home. These may include the following, depending on the type of slab on grade foundation (monolithic poured slab, block wall with spread footings, poured concrete floating slab or block wall with spread footings):

  • Concrete pressed pilings
  • Multi-wall steel piers, deep penetrating to bedrock or equivalent
  • Helical piers

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

One of our specialties is repairing sinking, sagging or settling pier and beam foundations. These are common in the Mesquite area, particularly in the older subdivisions around the city.

There are several causes, most of which have to do with excess moisture resulting on wood rot, fungus or mold weakening the joists and beams. Excess moisture can also contribute to weak soil beneath the foundation.

Foundation Repair Pros can offer several cost-effective techniques to correct these problems, starting with fixing any water drainage issues. Structural techniques may include:

  • Steel shims for strength and durability
  • Replace rotten or broken piers with steel or concrete pier supports
  • Replace rotten or broken beams with steel I-beams or wood beams
  • Dehumidify the crawl space and encapsulate



Foundation Repair Pros Mesquite

free foundation inspection mesquiteInvite the industry leading professionals at Foundation Repair Pros out for a free inspection. We know you’re struggling with a difficult situation and we have your best interest at heart. Let’s work together to find the best solution to protect your property value, once and for all.

Give us a call today – we’ll earn your trust and confidence with an honest, FREE onsite evaluation and a fair cost estimate on the best foundation repair solutions that are offered in the Mesquite and DFW area.




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